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We might live in a computer program

Latest news from Walter. The article is from BBC, but linked sites tend to change and disappear, so the text is copied here to keep a chronological order of Walter's discoveries.

We might live in a computer program, but it may not matter

By Philip Ball

5 September 2016

Are you real? What about me?

These used to be questions that only philosophers worried about. Scientists just got on with figuring out how the world is, and why. But some of the current best guesses about how the world is seem to leave the question hanging over science too.

Several physicists, cosmologists and technologists are now happy to entertain the idea that we are all living inside a gigantic computer simulation, experiencing a Matrix-style virtual world that we mistakenly think is real.


Walter on US politics

When asked about the elections and the future in the States, Walter had this to say:

"Obama will bankrupt the US economy in the next 4 years of his presidency. Mitt Romney would have done it in two".


Lenin's Mausoleum

Lenin-Mausoleum-02Russia has achieved some stability over the past several years - the economy is growing, jobs are appearing, investors are coming (excluding the results of the recent global recession, which affected pretty much every country). People hope that this stability will stay - or at least not get worse. Since a lot of Russians are superstitious people, believing that any change into the fabric of the world will upset the balance, they try to keep everything the same (Why do you think Ladas in the 21st century still look like something that belongs in a museum?). This of course, includes burying the dead leader - Vladimir Lenin. Walter's theory is that Lenin will become the symbol of Russia's stability - as long as his body stays in the mausoleum, stability will remain in Russia.

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We live in a matrix

Walter claims that we live in a matrix, controlled by aliens or some other kind of more intelligent life. Most of our actions (down to what we wear and how often we brush our teeth) have been pre-programmed and we are living a scripted life. As such, it is hard to change it's course. Even though we believe that we are free to do what we want, its only an illusion. Dramatic changes in our lives will lead to suffering and overall anxiety of the individual or individuals around (you are disrupting their course as well). That's why bad guys always stay bad guys, alcoholics always stay alcoholics (even though some of them are trying hard to quit) and so on.



Banking crisis

Walter's theory on the banking crisis (this is why they have failed):



Walter says...

This is what happens when you become a government employee:



Walter on get rich quick

Walter's take on get rich quick:

  1. I'm hoping to either win the lottery
  2. Another option is finding a briefcase full of cash

Marketing strategy

Put "free" and "limit one per customer" on any piece of junk people will come to you and form a lineup. Has been tested in Canadian and US markets.

This can be anything - so be creative. If you are selling shoes - put "free set of shoelaces", if you are selling coffee, put "free donut hole", selling burgers - "free extra layer of onions for fresher breath" and so on. The sky is the limit.


Good times and bad times

Comedies became popular lately. This is because of the general atmosphere around - when times are bad, comedies are popular, when times are good people watch dramas.

Attention span

Our attention span shortens as the years go by. Do you hear the words that are coming out of my face? 


Self medication

(Regarding sneezing): If you keep it quiet it is pointless since the bad stuff stays in your nose. You have to get it out with full force in order to stay healthy.
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