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Walter's Prophecies

The end is now near

walter-the-end-is-near Walter predicts that the end is now near - as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) generates a 'mini-Big Bang'. The scientists working at the enormous machine achieved the unique conditions on 7 November. The experiment created temperatures a million times hotter than at the centre of the Sun.

Up until now, the world's highest-energy particle accelerator - which is run by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Cern) - has been colliding protons, in a bid to uncover mysteries of the Universe's formation.

For those who are not following the LHC events development (or Walter's prophecies), he predicted that the particle collisions might produce doomsday phenomena, involving the production of stable microscopic black holes or the creation of hypothetical particles called strangelets (dark matter or dark energy).

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) generates a 'mini-Big Bang'




Walter claims that desktops, as we know them, will become extinct in 2-3 years (may be not extinct - irrelevant). All work will be done on portable devices (laptops, ipods and ipads). Unless you need some advanced applications, with a large monitor (or several monitors), but even then, the desktop will not be the way you know it today - more like a laptop with a docking station.




Walter predicts that Barack Obama will be a one-term president, because - you know - people are not happy.



Investment ideas - buy gold

Its time to buy gold - it is anticipated that it will double in price in 2009. Gold is gaining on T-bills as a safety play and the precious metal began its move as trillions of bailout commitments translate into major currency debasement. I asked a smart investor and he said "gold will break through US$1,200 an ounce in 2009".

Home prices are going down

Walter suggests not to worry. "In the long term we are OK though. If companies stop building new housing and if we wait a few years it will create a housing crisis because people need a place to live. You cannot live in the street for the most part. As plumbers say: You cannot do without plumbers because you have to "go somewhere", you cannot put it off."

US Economy

According to Walter US economy is going down the drain and will not be able to fully recover at least until 2010. "You cannot run a trillion dollar deficit year after year and pretend that all is OK. Just borrow the money from China and go on a spending spree."


Is there intelligent life in the Universe?

The following answers the question: Is there intelligent life in the Universe?

Life in the universe is abundant. It can probably be found in any solar system in any galaxy. It probably existed on Mars a long time ago and probably still exists today in a very primitive state, perhaps in the form of bacteria or one celled organisms living below the surface. In fact life on Earth was probably seeded from simple life forms on Mars travelling to Earth via small meteorites. These small meteorites have been found in many places on Earth. Since life in the solar system began on Mars we are all martians.

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