Lucky number 3

Main Walter



About 175 cm (5'10") in height. Walks fast.


Can be found in Blackburn Hamlet region in the evenings and weekends. During the daytime can be spotted on NRC property.


Lives in a wide variety of habitats. Mostly in warm, dry places. See more details about Walter's habitat


Carnivore by nature, but eats vegetables as well. Most of its diet is made up of breakfast, lunch and supper. Uses scent and sound to track down free food sometimes available at the cafeteria.


For the most part - a solitary animal. Its nest is made of 2 high cubicle partitions, 1 low, a book shelf and some empty computer boxes. Most active on Tuesdays through Thursdays. If required, can climb trees. Uses lots of different vocalizations including sneezing, coughing, talking on the phone and typing. Does not hibernate. Doesn't get very aggressive when his territory is invaded.

Future goals

-- Purchase a gun holding box and fill it up with cash

-- Retire in Sofia, Bulgaria