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Place where I've lived from then til now.

Shocked Ottawa woman gives birth at home, not realizing she was pregnant

baby-4I have nothing to add - just posting the article by the National Post:

"Just before sunrise on Monday, Kendra Reid awoke suddenly, tip-toed past her sleeping fiancé and headed to the bathroom with a sudden case of abdominal cramps.

In hindsight, the cramps were just like labour pains, but the 23-year-old Ottawa woman had absolutely no reason to believe she was pregnant.

The past nine months had yielded none of the usual symptoms of pregnancy — no spontaneous vomiting, no cravings and no uterine rumblings. And although she’d gained a few extra pounds, it was not anything pants-splitting.


Snow again

It feels like it will never go away.



Winter parking in Ottawa

parking cars in snowWell, it's December outside and there's lots of snow. Ottawa generally is a nice place to live except for winter time. Winters here are 6-8 months, so you either have to move or adjust. Since moving is not an option for me (just the address change for all the plastic cards I have is an unimaginable pain), I'm trying to adjust. In this installment of living in Ottawa we will cover downtown winter parking.

Parking downtown overall is a pain. In addition to by-law vultures and conditional no-parking signs, you have to fight the snow. Here are a few tips (based on personal experience) to help you successfully park your car in or after a snow storm:


Freezing rain in Ottawa

I can never understand this concept - freezing rain. If it's freezing - it snows, if it's warm - it rains. What the hell is a freezing rain?


School bus in Rockland, Ontario.


New IKEA in Ottawa

New IKEA store has opened in Ottawa - now the largest in Canada: 640 seats in the new restaurant, 55 room settings, 3 full home displays, 36 cash lanes, 1,200 parking spaces, 1,761 bin locations for product pickup and more energy efficiency than ever before (40 per cent better than IKEA’s last store), 1.3 km journey through the store and a total of 9,500 IKEA products.

First shoppers:



Avoiding door dings

The lengths that people go through to avoid door dings! The entire parking lot is empty and this genius parked between a bush and a garbage container. Since he took the safest parking spot in the mall I ended up parking a little further - just to be safe. It's a good 1-2 minute walking distance, but at least your car is safe.


I think the next step after this is to have a friend go in and do the shopping, while you sit in the parked car with a baseball bat.


Topless woman protests Sun photo policy

ottawa_topless_protestA topless woman protests at the Ottawa Sun's photo policy on Hunt Club road. The paper's policy is to cover the nipples of topless women appearing in photos. Michelle Spero, 25, showed off several copies of the Sun as evidence. The first was a feature story on the anniversary of topless laws in Ontario, in which a woman's nipples were covered with Ottawa Sun logos. The second article was more recent, and featured a black bar covering the nipples. Spero claimed it is unfair that a pull-out section of the Sun in one of those editions featured a photo of a topless man, whose nipples are clearly visible.

(Hi Walter!)

Coffee break

A line up on a coffee break. Making sure the affairs are in order at the local Tim Hortons:



Weather predictions for Fall

It seems like we are going to have a warm fall this year, according to environment Canada:



Ducks on Rideau River

One thing about wild life in Ottawa - much like the rest of the population - it is very relaxed. We were sitting on the shore of Rideau river and the ducks swam right up to our feet:




We have a tornado!

No, it wasn't a tornado this time, just a thunderstorm. Lots of damage nevertheless:


Trees down, again:


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