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Things that didn't find its place in any other category, but somehow are related to finances.


Minto Mortgage Calculator

Another mortgage calculator from Minto. Simple and elegant:



Historical Exchange Rates

Up to 5 years of currency rate data. Good tool for general knowledge (or to win tavern arguments):

URL: http://www.oanda.com/currency/historical-rates/

Canadian dollar really tanked in contrast to the Australian in the past year and a half and here we are thinking that our loonie is a strong currency.


RSP Contribution Calculator

If you currently have a savings program in place, or are planning to invest an amount in your RSP, use this tool to determine how much will be available for your retirement.


Interesting results. Lets say you are 30 years old and finally decided to settle down and start saving for your retirement. Lets assume that you are not receiving any money from your company, only your RRSP and some money from the government (if you've lived and worked in Canada, you'll get around $6k of taxable income for old age and $11.5k max from CPP - roughly 30%, if you want to make $50k when you retire. See here for more details: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/isp/common/cricinfo.shtml)


How Much Should You Be Saving For Retirement?

Financial calculator on how much money you should have for a desired retirement:



Time Value Calculator

A nice tool from "American Century Investments" to calculate how much money you'll have if you put some aside.

Time-Value Calculator


Various Financial Calculators

This page is part of the book: "YOU CAN DO THE MATH: Overcome Your Math Phobia and Make Better Financial Decisions" Contains calculators that can help you save for a college education, taxes and inflation, tax-deferred accounts, what your job is worth, buying a house or car, retirement and many others:

Financial Calculators


Minto Mortgage Calculator

A pretty good mortgage calculator for estimating your payments. I've found a few of those, but I think this one is the best in terms of simplicity and features.

Mortgage Calculator


Paying Down a Mortgage Calculator

Another calculator to see how much extra payments you need to make to pay off a mortgage in a given number of years.

Paying Down a Mortgage Calculator


Compound Interest Calculator

This calculator also has links explaining the compound interest formulas with interactive graphs.

Compound Interest Calculator