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Buy Apple stock

236537_ipod_mini_dock_1Enough with the Ipods and Ipads already! If you haven't done so yet - buy Apple stock. The company stock (AAPL) went up 6% in the pre-market trading on July 20th, after blowing away expert estimates. Apple made $7 billion in 3 months, which makes it the global leader in mobile phones and tablet PCs (more bad news for RIM).

I have yet to buy one Apple product. I think I have an Ipod shuffle somewhere that I've received as a free gift for opening a bank account.

(Just for the record, AAPL stock is now at $398.80)

Update: No, I don't want to see how cool your Ipad 2 or Iphone 4 is.

Update 2: Yes, I know its more snappy than Android.

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apple stock
6 Wednesday, 24 August 2011 12:37
right now is probably the time to make money on short term stock trades - it goes up and down like crazy. If you are too scared, it's probably best to just stuff it in your mattress and wait for better times.
apple stock
5 Thursday, 11 August 2011 14:19
Simon Says
A bit dated, but: 5 reasons to buy Apple stock again

1. Tech spending will be up; Apple (AAPL) benefits.
2. Apple has superior earnings growth.
3. Apple is fairly priced compared with expected earnings.
4. Apple still has the ability to surprise and beat the Street.
5. It's the most innovative company in the world.
apple stock
4 Wednesday, 10 August 2011 10:57
368.30 today :-)
apple stock
3 Thursday, 04 August 2011 09:58
$386 today - glad I didn't listen to you :-)
re: thanks
2 Monday, 25 July 2011 14:07
I said the same thing to a friend of mine who recommended me to buy Apple stock in May 2007. (see related items or Back then the stock was $90-$100 and I've said - "Meh, the ship has sailed already".

What did I do instead? Like every good tax paying Canadian I put my extra money into RRSPs - TD mutual funds. I didn't check recently, but I think with all the ups and downs I've made a whopping 1.5%. That's a mind-blowing 0.375% annually. I don't think I can even buy a decent Ipod (I'm not talking about those butt plugs shuffle-ipods) with the profits I've made.
1 Thursday, 21 July 2011 07:09
Yeah, ok - thanks for the tip! Just ran out and bought some stock.

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