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Latest news in the get-rich-quick world. If you have others that you would like to share, keep them to yourself - I got enough dumb ideas as is!


Lottery again

This is what a visitor graph looks like on this site when there's a big lottery jackpot:

lottery again

They are all looking for lottery tips and tricks. I don't know any of those people, but it's sad to see that so many of them are throwing their hard earned dollars away (I'm not posting the number of visitors on purpose). This time it was a Powerball jackpot of $588 million - the second biggest in US history. What are the odds of winning a Powerball lottery you ask? 1 in 175,223,510.

Yet Missouri mechanic and his wife win $293 mln lottery.

Sorry everybody else, better luck next time.


Botched fresco artist demands royalties

jesusHere's a tested scheme to get rich quick. I suspect some copycats still have time to cash in on this one:

1. Pose as an amateur DIY antique restoration expert. Offer your services free of charge (Very important if you want to get paid later).

2. Get famous on the internet for destroying an old art piece. (Make sure it looks funny. You can use this scheme of converting Jesus to a monkey)

3. Sit back and collect royalties from visitors for a very long time who come to see your masterpiece.

A few words of warning:


High-rolling gamblers are exploiting a quirk in Cash WinFall

132665_lottery_winner Who says you can't make money by playing the lottery? You just have to be smart about it. Systematic gamblers are exploiting a hole in Cash WinFall lottery in Massachusetts, raking in huge profits every 3 months. The idea is simple (fairly). There's a 2 million jackpot, which was won once in the last 7 years. If nobody wins the jackpot, the smaller prizes go up and players get higher rewards during something called rolldown weeks.

A Toronto statistician, Srivastava, calculated that a gambler who bought 200,000 Cash WinFall tickets during four rolldown weeks in a year would win enough to cover the $1.6 million investment and earn a profit of $240,000 to $1.4 million - without ever winning the jackpot. Srivistava’s calculations suggest that the top five groups and individuals playing Cash WinFall collectively win back the cost of their tickets plus $1 million to $6 million in profits each year from about 12 days of gambling. That is a lot of money, for very little work. :-)


A guy got a house for 16 bucks

flower_mound_houseTalk about getting rich and quick! A man moved into a house in Flower Mound, Texas by taking advantage of a little known Texas law and only paying $16 for a form to fill out. The house was on foreclosure for more than a year and the owners walked away. Finally the bank that financed this house went out of business (I don't think it was because of that particular house, but as you can imagine they've probably have given out a lot of mortgages like that).


Fake Apple stores

fake-apple-store-china-1Since we are on the subject, here's another way to get rich of Apple (or other major brand). Not only that China produces fake Apple products, they also have fake Apple stores, selling fake Apple products. Apparently, there are 3 of them - all within walking distance from each other.

Well, it was just a question of time. If you sell fake ipods and your neighbour starts selling them, you have to stay competitive and come up with more creative ways to sell your junk.

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Amazon seller lists book at $23,698,655.93

Here's one get rich quick scheme for you - Amazon seller listed a book on flies for $23,698,655.93 - plus shipping. No, this is not the author who listed it at that price, rather a price fight between 2 robots. But if you can sell it at that, you'll be set.

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Calvin and Hobbes on supply and demand

Here's a tested get-rich-quick scheme for you. All you need to do is find someone to subsidize you.



Lottery winner picks golden ticket after being cut in line

mega-millionsTalk about luck! Mike Barth let somebody slide in line in front of him and ended up picking the winning ticket. The jackpot was worth $319 million, which Barth will split with six coworkers at the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal. The odds of winning the jackpot were one-in-176-million. (Nuts!) The guy who cut the line gets an all-too-rare serving of justice. This goes to show you - if something is meant to happen - it will happen, whether or not you get cut in line.

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Poker Bots Invade Online Gambling

Here's a get-rich-quick scheme for you: develop a poker bot (or hire somebody to do that). Poker bots are not new, but until recently they were not very good at poker. Humans were better at the nuances of the game (such as bluffing) and could routinely beat the machines. But artificial intelligence has come a long way in the last few years, far enough that poker bots are now good enough to win tens of thousands of dollars on major game sites, which are clamping down on them.

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