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New career plan

I think I got myself a new career plan:

career plan


Coming in to work

On my way to work on a Friday.



Work is where I spend most of my life. Its a hobby turned into profession - so I'm more or less happy about it. I don't like titles or job descriptions, so here's my overall view in words of Dave Spritz from "The Weatherman":

Things didn't work out the way I predicted.
Accepting that's not easy...
...but easy doesn't enter into grown-up life.
I'll take this American accomplishment.
That's where I live...
...behind Fire Brigade 47. Okay.
But in front of SpongeBob.

Not too many people know it, but I was the original Kramer on hit TV show Seinfeld:



Here are some things that I currently get paid for:

work- Talking to people

- Checking emails

- Opening boxes

- Answering the phones

- Attending meetings

- Rebooting computers

- More meetings and talking to people

- Thinking

- Typing

- Taking notes

- Starting computer programs

- Sitting

- Fixing things

- And many combinations of the above (rebooting phones, typing emails, opening computers, etc.)


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