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Canadian Coins

I haven't started my collection yet, but I think I'll start with Canadian coins. Although fairly young, they have a lot of history and are interesting to look at:


1 Canadian dollar coin (commonly known as a Loonie), has changed its design in 1987 to have a picture of a Loon. Apparently, the coin with a picture of Voyageur (a canoe) was replaced by the bird because the master dies were stolen (Wikipedia says that they were lost by the courier service, but a more reliable source tells me that they were stolen).


SAAB corroded mirrors

Last weekend I've decided to clean up the mirror corrosion on my wife's SAAB. The car is fairly new, but winters here are brutal and no normal car can survive it for long. (it was already pointed out to me that this car was made in Sweden, where the winters are about the same and the car should be able to survive that - so no need to mention again). I've followed this guy's instructions and decided to take my own pictures of the process.

Both mirrors were bad, this is the left one:



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