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You should probably be working now and not reading this.


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Yeah, ok.


Tires are gone

On a personal note, I want to say that the SAAB tires are gone. All I have left to remember the car are the floor mats and a user manual.



My Swedish affair

swedish-girl-smIn my life I’ve had 2 fascinations related to Sweden: Swedish pop band of the 90s - Roxette and SAAB. Roxette was something that happened organically (MTV?), but the same cannot be said about the SAAB. Ugly looking hatchback of pre-2003 era did not attract my (or my wife’s) attention. We’ve passed the Turpin owned SAAB dealership on our way to Carling Acura. Luckily for us, Camco Acura is run by idiots, who decide what car you will buy by what you are currently driving. So after being brushed off at the dealership, we’ve made a stop at Turpin.


Things I hate

- Homepages! This includes, but not limited to - blogs, tweets, facebook, (especially facebook status statements), livejournals and any other types of online graphomania. (Mine is an exception - it has a hidden agenda)

- Financial advisers (or so called) - they are all a bunch of salespeople who are selling products of one or another financial institution. Their goal is to sell you investment, not to plan your future.

- Email disclaimers

- Weather in Ottawa

- Old windshield wipers

- Spilling coffee on a keyboard

- Car tires with less than 3.3 mm tread depth

- iPods, iPhones, iPads, iMacs - or pretty much anything Apple makes (I like Apple stock - should have listened to Walter many years ago)

- Socks with holes


If I was a dinosaur...

I would like to be an Ornithocheirus. They were huge - the body without wings is about the same size as human, wing span can reach up to 6 meters and they weigh about 100 kilos. Ornithocheirus were the biggest in the sky of their time and back then you wouldn't want to spend a lot of time on the ground anyway.



Reason for this site

No reason.

Here are some things it has:



I've realized that it's all the same no matter where you go, streets, cars, trees, etc., so I've stopped documenting these events.

Update: Yes, I do travel. Here are some pictures of airports if you don't believe me.




Fort Lauderdale






New York maybe?


Miami. See the palm trees?


Chicago?? Not sure


Ottawa again, misty morning.


See? All the same. Some places have palm trees, some have spruce trees.




More About Me

"No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself, and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true"

Here are some of my views of the world:

Homepages: are a waste of time (both for the creators and visitors) and are useless. (Mine has a hidden agenda)

Education (Universities, colleges, etc.): should no longer be seen as places of study, rather a business investment. A waste of time from educational point of view, but you have to do it.

Religion: mediator for the spiritually impaired people (I once started my own religion, but it didn't last long, since I've had only one follower. I had to abandon that idea when I found out that a religion with only one follower is known as schizophrenia.)

: This country will not let you get rich, at best you can hope for a comfortable living. You are needed as a tax payer and not someone who collects dividends and interest -- that job is taken.

: I'll have to get back on that one - my definition varies with age.

Hobbies: None (all my hobbies either turned into habits or became part of my profession)






Favorite movie: I now have 3:


Some Russian music as well:


I've been touring with AC/DC lately


Favorite sport: Tennis


Favorite car: my collection of sports cars


Favourite wolf: The Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos). Artctic wolfs are able to withstand sub-zero temperatures for years. They can also survive up to five months of absolute darkness a year, and can live weeks without food. Also called Polar Wolf or White Wolf.



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